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Can the public use Florida State University libraries? What are the restrictions?

Our answer:

FSU Libraries Welcomes Community Visitors!

Visiting FSU Libraries

Visitors are welcome but are required to present an official state or university identification (e.g. driver’s license, university ID card, passport) to obtain a Guest Card before entering the Strozier and Dirac libraries.

Guest hours are from 7:30am-10:00pm with the last Guest card being issued at 8:00pm.

Visitor Access to the University Libraries

Patrons who are not current students, faculty, or staff may purchase an annual library card to borrow materials from the Friends of the Florida State University Libraries. These cards do not offer access to library databases outside of the libraries.

  • Community members and visitors: $50 annual membership with the Friends of the FSU Libraries.
  • Student membership in the Friends is $10/year and provides 3 week loan periods and 3 online renewals.
  • FSU Alumni Friends of the FSU Libraries membership is $50/year and provides 3 week loan periods and 3 online renewals.

Visiting researchers sponsored by an FSU department must see your FSU department to obtain an FSU Card. They are eligible for 16 Week loan periods and 3 online renewals. To apply use the Visiting Scholar Account Application.

Florida Community Colleges and Public University students may borrow materials with a valid, current ID card from his/her home college or university.

Visiting Scholars may apply for a temporary library card. You will need to show official identification and have a letter from your sponsoring institution or a state, county, or federal agency describing your reasearch needs.

Visitor's Computer Access

The computers in the libraries are intended primarily for the research needs of the FSU faculty, students, and staff.  FSU does not provide computers for internet browsing to the public.

University Libraries provides 12 computers for research access to the public. These computers are restricted to FSU-licensed library resources, government resources, and the FSU library catalog. The Research Kiosks are distributed throughout the Libraries as follows:

Strozier Learning Commons: 4 Research Kiosks
Strozier Scholars Commons: 2 Research Kiosks
Strozier North 4th Floor: 2 Research Kiosks
Strozier North 5th Floor: 2 Research Kiosks
Dirac 2nd (Main) Floor: 2 Research Kiosks
Qualified researchers (from government agencies or sponsored by FSU departments) who require research access beyond that available with the Research Kiosks may request semester long access to library computers.

Government Documents

As a depository for Federal, State, and United Nations documents, Strozier Library is open to the public for access to the documents collection. For assistance, contact our Documents Librarian, Marcia Gorin

Wireless Access

Visitors to Florida State University can connect to FSUWIN to access free, public Wi-Fi while on Florida State University’s main campus. To connect, visitors simply choose FSUWIN from the list of available networks, open a Web browser, click the Guest Registration button, and they are directed to a guest registration page. Upon registration, guest Wi-Fi is available immediately, and access is valid for one day. FSUWIN is a local area network, and connectivity is available in many classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and other public areas on the main campus.

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