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Hello, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find a primary source and some secondary sources regarding the novel The

Our answer:

Go to the top of the library homepage and enter the  title of the book. Choose "Article" and you will fins a lot of journal titles.

Finding primary source documents is a bit more challenging.

I found searching the John. F. Kennedy library an "Earnest Hemingway Collection" which includes primary source documents. 

Some examples you will find there (I searched in the top box "hemingweay sun also rises"):

Take a look T "

Ernest Hemingway: A Storyteller's Legacy"

After five months of hospitalization, surgery, recuperation, and physical therapy, Hemingway returned to the United States a celebrity and a hero, and he loved it--the newspaper articles, testimonials, and admiring young ladies. His exploits grew with every telling. "Newspaper Man Survives 200 Battle Wounds," "Wounded 227 Times," "Oak Park Boy Shot to Pieces Jokes about It," "Yankee Punctured by 227 pieces of Austrian Shrapnel," and "Hero Back Loaded with Medals" proclaimed the newspaper announcements of his lecture tours, which his Hemingway grandparents pasted in scrapbooks. (20)

Also look at 

Ernest Hemingway Outgoing Correspondence Chronological File, 1909-1949

particularly the year 1929 when he wrote the book:

[1929], Pamplona, to Muy Senior Mio [Waldo Peirce?], 2 pp. [Spanish]

Take a look at newspaper articles printed at the time the book was released. (see the newspaper guide at

Be sure to look at the research guide (then Smith) .

And, of course the Book Catalog. (there is a book "The sun also rises, a novel of the twenties" that is lost, but you can gt it in a couple of days through UBorrow.

Your best resources may come from a Journal Article's list of citations at the end of the article. Some times the writer will cite a primary resource.

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