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Do you all have a French movie section?

Our answer:

Yes and no, we have (at least) 270 French language DVDs in the collection but they are not all in one "French Movie Section". We also have other video formats too.

This is how to find them: Go to the catalog. use the link on the left side of the homepage "Find Books, and more..." link on the homepage. Then hit enter leaving a the search box empty.

Then on the left side choose language "French" and format "Video DVD". 

Also, you will find streaming French Films in our database "Films on Demand". Once there go to Collections, then World Languages, choose French. While many are short documentary films there are some full-length videos.

Good luck, and thanks for asking!

Also, we have a Modern Language Subject Specialist Librarian. Email her to find specific videos, or ones you may find interesting. She will point you in the right direction.

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