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I found multiple papers that I want to use in a paper from the web of science database, but I can only read the abstracts, and I don't know how

Our answer:

To access the whole article when using Web Of Science click on the "Find it at FSU" button. This will pull up the article you need. Remember, if the article was published within the last year or so you may not have access due to what is called "the embargo" period. This is the period of time between when the article goes live and when the journal makes it available to database vendors. (They want to sell as many journals as possible first).

It's important to understand that "Find it at FSU" will lead directly to the article in one of several databases. Each one may be a little different, so you'll have to give it a good look before you assume the full text is not there. You might not see the article until you click on a format (PDF or HTML, Full Text, etc). 

While we're talking about Web of Science, there is a set of well-made tutorials listed here: 

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