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what does peer reviewed mean?

Our answer:

A peer-reviewed article is one that is written by an expert in the field that the subject of the article is written on, and that has been reviewed by other experts within the same subject field before publication. This ensures that the article has been thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. Peer-reviewed articles are also referred to as “scholarly” or “refereed”. They can be asserted as peer-reviewed by the location of a DOI number associated with the journal issue that the article was found in.

To find these articles, you can usually limit your online search on sites like your library’s search engine or Google Scholar, to only return peer-reviewed items. You can also confirm that the publication is peer-reviewed by using a database such as It will tell you whether the publication is scholarly or not.

Peer-reviewed items are NOT:

Newspapers, popular magazines, or even articles written by academics unless they are written in their field of expertise, and reviewed by other scholars within that same field of study previous to publication.

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