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I need help looking for articles on adhd and college students and dating relationships.

Our answer:

This is a complex question. To start you can search a database. I chose Academic Search Complete. ASC is a good place to start. In my search I used "College students" in the first field, "adhd" in the second, and "relationships" in the third. The result was a couple of dozen articles that will help in defining your topic clearly. (This will help us along the way). The first article title is "The relationship between ADHD symptoms in college students and core components of maladaptive personality". While this might not be a great article for you, it will lead us to better sources for your topic. When we view the article we an see in the first section of the display above the abstract a gold mine of subject terms. Subject terms are great to use in our new searches. One of the great things about Academic Search Complete is a link they have on the left, "Find similar". Using this link we can find articles that share the same subject areas.

So, at this point you have some subject terms, some new words to use in your search, and maybe an article or two. To complete your research break down your topic search to more reasonable searches. You might search for adhd and psychology. Then tie college students into your findings, and psychology tied with communication. Find ways to bring your terms together so you are not getting thousands of results. More than likely, you will not find a single article specifically on your topic.

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