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I have a citation for an article I'm trying to find. What's the best way to find out if FSU has the article?

Our answer:

The quickest way is to use Google Scholar, ( This is a special log in that will tell Google Scholar that you are from FSU.

You can put as much of the citation as you want into the search box. If you are certain of the title, put quotes around it to search it as a phrase. The results list may contain articles that just quote your article so make sure you choose the actual article. When you're on an FSU computer or logged in to the proxy server, the results will include "Find it at FSU" buttons. You can click on that and follow the links to the article or at least to the journal.

The other way to search for an article using the citation is to use the journal search feature on our home page.
   1. Click on the "Journals" tab above the search box on our home page.
   2. Type in the journal name
   3. In the results list, look for a source that has the date you need.
   4. Go to that source (database, web site, or on the shelf), the date or issue you need and look for the article by page number.

If that doesn't work, please ask us to help you find it. You can chat with a live person 24/7 (excluding some holidays) by clicking on "Ask Us Now".


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