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I am writing a research paper on the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" and William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew".

Our answer:

You will need to use a few different resources.

First, look for books in our online catalog. Go to and put the words "Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew film" in the top search box, choose articles, then clich Search.

This will bring several peer-reviewed journal articles you can use.

Then you can use the Literature Resource Center (LRC). From our home page, click on "Find a Database". Scroll down the list to Literature Resource Center".  On the LRC search page, in the first box that says "Keyword"  type in "10 things I hate about you". That will get a few articles comparing the movie to the play.

If you want more information on the play, you can also search "taming of the shrew".  This will get you several articles about the play.

Another resource you can try is Academic Search Premier which is also in our "Most Used Databases".

Use Google Scholar. If you are on an on-campus computer or logged into our webpage, most articles that turn up in a Google Scholar search will have a "Find it at FSU" link which will lead you to journals we  have online or on our shelves. Here is Google Scholar:


Google Scholar

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