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How do I find Florida Statute §711, The Condominium Act

Our answer:

Florida Statutes are found online at, specifically here:

The § symbol, or double s sign, in your question is called a section sign. Your question does not indicate a title, so we'll do a search for "The Condominium Act" in 

the Statutes search box. When the search is completed I see results that start with section 718.406. You're looking for section 711. Click on the first result and we'll find the Title (XL) and Chapter Condominiums.  With some investigation title XL section 711 is "FLORIDA UNIFORM TRANSFER-ON-DEATH SECURITY REGISTRATION ACT" (Which I am assumnig is not what you are looking for). So, I'm going to make a guess here and suggest that the section you are looking for is numerically higher than 711 and would start at:



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  1. Ch 711 Governs condos, was used in the 1970’s, prior to the 718’s coming in to effect. It is often referred to in older condo docs and is mentioned from time to time in the 718’s.

    I find sections of it in I renegade searches, but it takes a while to sift through sinc most results are for the current 711’s, the Transfer on Death whatever.

    - not a lawyer, just a reader
    by OhBoi on Dec 12, 2018.

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