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How do I request a book chapter from ILL?

Our answer:

You can request a book chapter in the same way you would request a journal article, using the ARTICLE form.
The Copyright Guidelines limits us to no more than one (1) chapter per book, not to exceed 10% of the entire work.

However there are a few tips in modifying how you fill in the required fields:

1 ) Journal Title: enter the title of the BOOK in which your chapter is found here. NOT the article/chapter title.

2) Voulme/Issue: If the book is part of a multi-volume set, please enter the volume number in which the chapter appears here, or left blank if a monograph. Issue may be left blank.

3) Month/Year/Pages: Month may be left blank

Year = publication year of the book

 Pages = page numbers (beginning and ending) of the chapter (e.g., 271-283) NOT the total number of pages.

4) Article Author: author of the chapter of the book, or if the same as the book author, then enter the book author here.

5) Article Title: IF the chapter has a unique title, please enter it here, alternately, the chapter number may be entered, as in “Chapter 3”.

6) Original Journal Title: if the book is part of a series (e.g., Studies in Mesopotamia) enter that here.

7) Item Author/Publisher: Author or editor of the book if different from the chapter author;

Publisher can help us make sure we get the correct book, should there be other books with the same/similar title.

8) Item Place/Edition: place can narrow down the publisher, if the work has been published before by another publisher 

 Edition: if there is a number of editions of the same book, e.g., 5th edition.

9) ISxN: all works published after a certain date have an International Standard number. For Journals/Periodicals this is an ISSN (S for Serial); for books ISBN (B for book), this information helps the request speed through the system. If there are different ISBN options (13 digit vs 10 digit) only enter one.

10: Doc Type: IF book chapter, make sure ‘Book Chapter’ is selected. If Journal, Article. If Article is entered instead of Book Chapter, ILLiad and RAPID will look for the information in a journal and return no matches.


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